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Kuang Lee

How could our creative agency move your technology business forward?

Satellite Films is a creative strategy and production company specializing in the technology, science, and medical sectors. We can amplify your company’s message by utilizing our twenty years of storytelling and creative experience. Our offices are in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, but we service clients all over the world with our best-in-class storytelling, creative video production, and animation.

With over twenty years of experience serving Fortune 100 companies, Satellite Films creates powerful communications for product marketing, events, and social media.




We help you with “what video to make” and how to launch it with maximum impact.


Copywriting from script to screen. Documentary, Product Marketing, Social Media, Scripted Narrative.


Best-in-class video production. 4k to 8K. Professional lighting and audio quality.


Video editing, motion graphics, sound design, professional voiceovers.


Storyboarding, After Effects, Cinema 4D — we create best-in-class animation


Event planning, strategy, video production, and live streaming at large-scale events.


Maura Rury

Marketing Manager
Satellite Films is my first choice for all my video projects. I have worked with Satellite Films to produce several videos over the past year and I’m always thrilled at their ability to help us think “outside of the box” with our approach to video content. We’ve filmed interview-style videos, comedic “how to” videos and promotional videos, all in various locations, and the end product always delivers our message in a way that our customers find interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Alexander Semyonov

Product Manager
Satellite Films also is very honest, reliable, and efficient. They are a pleasure and fun to work with. Their knowledge of the scientific area we were filming in, is impressive. Without having a formal scientific education in chemistry, biology, or medicine, Kuang Lee (Satellite Films founder) has directed and delivered excellent, to-the-point, and fit-for-purpose AV materials, which would not have been possible without not only intuition but also factual understanding during the video editing and merging of the factual scientific points being discussed in the videos he was filming and producing. Highly recommend Satellite Films for your AV needs in the scientific area and beyond.

Monica O'Hara-Noonan

Commercial Marketing Manager
Satellite Films has talent for storytelling, a keen eye for detail, and a highly approachable and collaborative style that puts their interviewees at ease. Satellite Films has is a masterful editing, and they work quickly and efficiently. I’ve worked with Satellite Films on multiple customer testimonial and panel discussions interview shoots that exceeded my expectations, both in pre-production and the final product. If you’re looking for an engaging video and a great experience working with a video production company, I’d highly recommend Satellite Films.

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